What makes the best family legacy?

Andrew Ronald

Andrew Ronald
Written by: Andrew Ronald

16 March, 2022

What is a Family Legacy?

A family legacy is what lives on after we are gone. A footprint on the world that says “I was here”. Your gift to those you leave behind.

Legacies are fuelled in part by our very human desire to live on in some way, past death. And partly by our hope to have contributed in some meaningful way to our families and causes that are dear to us.

As a society, we hope future generations will live ever better lives. It’s our legacies that could help make this a reality.

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The Best Family Legacy

Not all family legacies are a force for good; some hinder those who inherit them. The children of high achievers may inherit high expectations that risk them spending their lives in the shadow of their parents.

So what makes a good family legacy? It can be anything that provides a ‘positive impact’ on the recipients. Empowering, encouraging or helping those you leave behind. And the best family legacy would do this indefinitely, helping generation after generation.


Types of Legacies

Our legacy or ‘gift’ to others can take many forms. The Beatles have music as their legacy to the world. J K Rowling has her books. Nelson Mandela changed the world through his beliefs and actions. And Walt Disney’s contributions to entertainment will live forever.

For some people, financial wealth or property is their legacy. While easily conceived as a great gift, a very large legacy can hinder rather than help in the long term. Those inheriting large amounts of money risk never gaining the satisfaction of making their own way in the world. Milking the golden cow ends up robbing them of the opportunity to craft their own life.

The topic of children being a legacy is very much up for debate. We give birth to them and nurture them, but in the end they need to live their own lives and should not necessarily be expected to fulfil their parent’s legacy wishes. But the skills, the mindset, the knowledge, the principles, and the family traditions that parents instil is a valid legacy. Even simple things like family stories or the know-how for favourite family recipes send out ripples that can touch the lives of many generations. This type of legacy can have a ‘positive impact’ on those who outlive you, and the influence they have can live on for hundreds of years.


Life Story Legacy

Humanity is not constructed with the flesh and bones of our bodies, but with stories. Stories that bind us together as families, tribes and communities. Uniting us in traditions, spurring us into action and guiding our decisions.

Stories can capture our attention for hours. Why do our brains love stories so much?

Firstly, we are social creatures and stories are an effective way to share information and values. Especially when they are personal or emotionally charged.

Secondly, stories offer a way for people to personally connect. Through stories we learn about other people, strengthening our bond with them. Building trust, compassion and empathy.

Throughout history, people and organisations have used the power of stories to pass on their message. Businesses can use stories to align their teams with their vision and principles. Religions have used stories to convey their beliefs for thousands of years. Human history itself is recorded in stories. The 2,000-year-old ‘Smriti’ for example recorded all aspects of life, and has inspired us to name this service ‘Simirity’.

As families, our interests lie in ‘life stories’. Offering insights into our experiences, our thoughts, the principles we live by and our life lessons. By sharing them, we create a positive and enduring legacy that strengthens our family. Connecting us with today’s and tomorrow’s family members.

Imagine growing up immersed in stories from your whole family, including your ancestors. Wouldn’t your world perspective be broadened and family ties strengthened?

And it’s accessible for everyone. One of life’s great equalisers.

You don’t need to invent or discover anything, build a company or write a best-seller. Anyone, regardless of wealth, can create the most inspirational family legacy. Stories about their life.

We want every family to have the opportunity to create a story legacy for their family. This is why there will always be a free version of Simirity.


Losing the Past

For most who came before us, they had to accept that all the stories and resulting insights they had gained would be lost forever. Leaving family members with unanswered questions and diminishing memories. 

Such loss is no longer inevitable. With Simirity, you get to choose what memories of you will be saved forever.


Improving Today

As humans, we seek meaning in our lives. Your family’s legacy of stories and experiences can provide the bedrock for building a thriving family. Positively impacting your family while keeping memories of you alive. Bringing pleasure and enlightenment through family discussions on a wide range of topics.

Being able to see our life’s journey laid out in front of us, we can question what our future could hold. Encouraging us to ask ourselves ‘what is the life I want to lead?’. Helping us understand how to lead our best life.


Feeling Complete

How can life’s journey feel like it’s gone full circle? A life complete;  each extra day a gift. Live each day to the full, and leave some of your ‘self’ to connect with those beginning their lives.

This ‘circle of life’ is a central theme of Simirity, and is visually represented in our circular logo. A reflection of the passing of stories between generations. The connection between the start and end of life.

To feel ‘complete’ is to feel ‘whole’; we are all in life’s journey together. Through your family’s story legacy, ‘me’ becomes ‘we’. This isn’t about one person showing off on social media. It’s a family’s collective actions, experiences and principles for living. A symphony of stories. You are one family. One shared history. Your lives intertwined. The young and the old. Past, present and future generations. All connected through time, in stories that bind you together.

Family Legacy Summary

Contrary to many people’s initial reaction, a legacy is not about death; it’s about life and living. Through stories, you can empower your family to learn from the past, live in the present, and build for the future.

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